Choose which dates work best for you:

FEBRUARY 15-21, 2024
MARCH 14-20, 2024

If you are Puerto Morelos local and don’t want to stay at the hotel but would like to attend, reach out for your special locals price.

$1000 Deposit to save your spot

Payment plans available and remaining balance due before you arrive in Mexico.

This uniquely curated retreat is for the traveler who wants individual coaching attention while growing together in an intimate group setting. You will be working with the power of nature and luxury living to:


Release old patterns mentally and physically with mind mastery coaching and a traditional temazcal ceremony (sweat lodge).


Rewire on a cellular level with guided meditations and biodynamic breathwork and ice bath therapy.


Reset your energy with yoga, relaxed beach living and a luxury spa experience.

This retreat is the perfect combination of expansion and relaxation. It takes place in a very special town called Puerto Morelos – a hidden gem along the Riviera Mayan coastline of Mexico.

This slice of paradise is nestled in between a vibrant jungle and a vast ocean allowing for the perfect healing to occur. 

I have personally manifested a dream of mine to call this beach life home for several months each year. Because my time here has been so healing and life altering, I’ve decided to create a special experience for you to elevate your mind, body, and spirit.

• 3 Private Coaching Sessions with Lisa Before, During and After retreat
•  Accommodations at The Fives Hotel (6 nights)
• Transportation to and from Cancun Airport

• All Delicious Healthy Chakra Inspired Meals
• Traditional Temazcal Ceremony
• Ice Bath Therapy

•  Hydro-therapy Spa Experience at The Fives
• Biodynamic Breathwork Sessions
• Mind Mastery Coaching
• Sound Healing Experience

• Tarot Card Readings
• Daily Meditation & Movement
• Yoga & Stretch Classes 
• Evening Share Circles
Cabana Beach Day with Lunch on the beach
• Celebration Dinner
•  Massive Opportunity for Growth
•  Live in Paradise and Simulate Expansion
•  6 Night Luxury Lodging at The Fives Hotel
•  Access to all hotel amenities (gym, rooftop pool, lounges)

•  Airfare to Mexico (fly into Cancun)

Each day is specifically designed to support the releasing, rewiring and resetting of your body, mind and spirit. This retreat is created for your maximum pleasure and healing needs.

Healing modalities such as breathwork, self-inquiry, mind mastery coaching, a variety of meditations, movement practices, yoga, water therapy, healthy foods, local excursions with plenty of downtime, will all work together to support your personal transformation.

You will leave feeling fully refreshed and ready to focus on your purpose and projects that await you back home.

Root Chakra. Ground down to rise up.

Welcome Dinner + Intention Ceremony
Arrive, settle in to your luxurious room at The Fives hotel, enjoy the beach air and the views of pure expansion and possibilities. Go for a dip in the ocean or the pool… welcome to Mexico!

We will meet together for a healthy dinner followed by an opening evening circle and meditation to set intentions for your retreat.

Where your attention goes, your life flows. 

Sacral Chakra. Explore joy and pleasure.

Temazcal Experience
Enter a space filled with the mystery of mystical Mexico – a powerful and profound ancient ritual for honoring life.

The Temazcal ceremony takes place inside a dome-like structure, representing the feminine womb in which we all enter through. A sacred fire is built outside. Volcanic stones are heated and brought inside the dome, symbolically representing the masculine and the harmony of creation.

The ceremony connects you to the wisdom of the four cardinal directions and the gifts and lessons they offer us. As you sit in the darkness, the temperature rises and you are faced with yourself as the sweat drips down releasing physical and emotional toxins.

Out with the old, in with the new, making space…

Solar Plexus Chakra. Own your power!

Breathwork +
 Ice Bath Experience + Expressive Painting 
Biodynamic Breathwork is deep guided breathing done through the mouth to allow the maximum amount of oxygen to enter the body. The meditative state created through this breathing style eases tension, reduces stress and removes subconscious blocks that have been stored deep within your body’s cells and tissue for years.

From this expanded state, the body and the brain are rewired on a cellular level, allowing any mental and physical blocks to begin shifting and inviting positive change to occur. 

How you breathe is how you live. 

Heart Chakra. Love yourself up!

Luxury Spa Experience
Enjoy a pampering day of self care and relaxation as you reset and acclimate to your new vibration. This day is about resetting your energy as you sink into your new self with a hydrotherapy spa experience at The Fives Hotel.

Expand from the inside out. 

Throat Chakra. Express your truth.

Beach & Pool Day
Integrate everything that has shifted for you with a full day of experiencing ‘The Art of Nothingness’ in a rented Cabana for the day. Fully allowing yourself to just be is true self mastery, nothing to do nowhere to go – just being present in the moment and indulging in allowing life to unfold. Relax and have a fun and relaxing beach day together with lunch on the beach together!

Be the creator of your life. 

Third Eye Chakra. Be in your knowing.

Sound Healing + Special Queens Celebration
We come together to seal in our time together with some special surprises and a nice Queens Dinner out embodying the new you. 

Crown Chakra. Connect in and out.

Time to go back home and be the new you.
You leave Mexico rejuvenated after a week of releasing, rewiring, reseting and relaxing. So now go back home and be the new you – just remember, the things around you don’t change but how you see them does. You bring meaning to your life, think about what you think about. 

Welcome to your next level…

Choose which dates work best for you:

FEBRUARY 15-21, 2024
MARCH 14-20, 2024

If you are Puerto Morelos local and don’t want to stay at the hotel but would like to attend, reach out for your special locals price.

$1000 Deposit to save your spot.

Payment plans available and remaining balance due before you arrive in Mexico.


The Fives Hotel is a luxurious beach refuge to call home during your time in Puerto Morelos. This exclusive residence offers a rooftop infinity pool, upscale dining, and private beach alongside the second-largest coral reef in the world.

You will have own private room during your Manifest in Mexico experience


“My favorite part of the retreat was the powerful breath sessions Lisa leads. She’s the real deal.”


•  space to think, breathe and hear your thoughts
•  to retreat in luxury and raise your frequency
•  do breath work, meditation & movement
•  to be around other like-minded people for connection
•  heal and release old stories
•  recharge at the beach
•  to detox physically and mentally
•  heal with the power of water
•  to get away from your everyday life to reset
•  to figure out what is next in your life

•  to focus on what you want next in your life
•  to treat yourself to a meaningful travel experience 
•  to uplevel to the next level! 

Are you ready to manifest in Mexico?

There are two payment options:

✨ MAKE A $1000 DEPOSIT ✨
and save your spot
Payment plans available and remaining balance due before you arrive in Mexico.

Choose which dates work best for you:

FEBRUARY 15-21, 2024
MARCH 14-20, 2024
APRIL 18th-24th, 2024

If you are Puerto Morelos local and don’t want to stay at the hotel but would like to attend, reach out for your special locals price.



“Working with Lisa is a special experience. The way she holds space and guides you, whether it’s coaching or breathing, is masterful.”


You will fly into Cancun and take a 30 minute taxi ride to Puerto Morelos.
I will have a driver get you and take you back when you leave.

We will meet for dinner on the first night of the retreat so please arrive in time for 6pm dinner and an evening session after dinner. Come earlier and enjoy a beach day!

•  say you have always wanted to try breathwork.
•  crave one on one expert coaching to move your business and/or life forward faster.
•  are overwhelmed with your life and need to get away.
•  are frustrated with your negative self-talk and want to change!
•  pretend to hold it all together on the outside, but secretly you are suffering.
•  have ideas and projects that aren’t moving forward.
•  suffer from addictions and obsessive thinking and want help to change.
•  love to travel and want to try a new way to see the world and also grow.
•  have a dream but you never seem to make time to work on it.
•  want branding and business development coaching to take your career to the next level.
•  know the power of meditation and breathwork and want to have a breakthrough.
•  feel like life is happening to you and you need to gain control again.
•  know that something is holding you back from getting to the next level in your life.
•  are ready to heal and release old stories.
•  feel lost and confused and want a safe space to explore what could be next.
•  are thinking about a major life change and need support to map out the plan.
•  know if you spend time on yourself, you can get clear about what is next.
•  want to learn techniques to become the creator of your life that you can apply forever.
•  feel alone and need to connect with amazing inspiring supportive people.
•  love me and want to come experience this curated adventure I manifested!

With the use of breathwork, you will be able to drop into a meditative state while allowing this powerful therapy to ease tension, reduce stress and remove subconscious blocks that have been stored deep within your body’s tissues for years.  Release. Rewire. Reset. 

• Feel more grounded, focused and comfortable in your own skin.
• Reduce stress, relax and become more present in your life.
• Enter a deep meditative state to calm the mind and relax the body.
• Release pent up physical and mental blocks that are holding you captive from freedom.
• Open up space in your mind and body to create what is next in your life.
• Change the relationship you have with your own body.
• Experience more pleasure, joy and freedom in your life.
• Develop a practice of self-love.
• Begin to heal physically and mentally at a cellular level so LASTING change may occur.
• Release old emotional wounds and trauma buried within your subconscious.
• Become healthier as you open up to the full capacity of your lungs; the deeper you breathe, the deeper you live.

Just for a moment,
pause and take a deep breath in.
and release it…

Now, take another one and fill up,
expand with life, possibilities and really ask yourself.
Are you ready to manifest your next level?

If there is even a small yes in there,
please set up a time to talk to me and let’s see
if this retreat is right for you.




Mind Mastery Coach  + Breath & Meditation Facilitator

Since 2004, Lisa has owned and operated Metamorfize, a graphic design, business & life coaching studio headquartered in NYC.  She has branded, designed, and coached entrepreneurs and companies worldwide into business, from conception to execution.

In 2007, Lisa became a certified Bio-Dynamic Breath Practitioner after experiencing a deep personal transformation working with the breath. This landed her in Pune, India assisting her teachers at the Osho Ashram, followed by offering this work at retreats internationally.  Lisa’s determination to heal from debt, food addiction, challenging relationships, obsessive thinking, and isolation…led her to discover the one thing they all had in common – her thoughts.

Her true story is about mastering her mind. She learned there is a methodology to change, that life is created by design or default, and that thoughts create things. Lisa now teaches The Science of Change™, a process of Self Mastery for reaching next levels in business, lifestyle, health & mindset.

Along with running her thriving design and coaching business, she facilitates breath + movement workshops, programs and retreats globally.  Lisa is passionate about supporting you to become the creator of your life. 

Lisa Meta Griff