It’s hard to put into words the magic that happens during one of these uniquely curated experiences.

It is easy to stay in the wanting and desiring of something, but when you commit to change, the universe responds. By saying yes to one of these experiences, the work has already begun. You have just told your entire system – I am worth it and I believe in myself!  

No matter which experience you choose, you will make room for and step into the new YOU. 

Slow down & listen

This spa experience is where evolving and growing to the next level meet using water to cleanse and relax. Expansion can happen with ease from a relaxed body.  We will set intentions, sweat, steam, cold plunge, hot tub, vision out, dream, imagine, detox, brainstorm, create ideas for business and life, plan, connect, float, dunk, laugh, take  notes, nourish, meditate, and make themes for the next 6 months. You will leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and focused on what is next!

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Space Clearing & Creating

This  experience happens in the comfort of your home. I will come over to look how your space might be contributing to any mental clutter you might be experiencing. Your world around you is a direct reflection to the world within. There are times that moving things around or throwing things out can have a huge shift on how you feel. Together, we will set intentions, make a sacred space for you, look at your daily routine, declutter, clean, remove, and release… all at your pace. When I leave you will feel lighter! 

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WALK  YOUR TALK  (4.5 hours)
Move to Heal

This experience is about making movement your medicine. When you move your body, your life moves. I have put this to the test many times, it’s true! Being a city dweller I know the magic that can happen from walking and talking and going on city adventures. We’ll do what I call exploratory walking: keep moving, take in the world around us,  talk about next steps as we take literal steps. We’ll start at a cafe to set intentions, then have our movement experience, and wrap up sitting again having a beverage to feel the stillness after the moving.

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ManifesTEA  (3 hours)
Connect & Create

This private tea date we focus on where you are in your growth and what’s in the way of you manifesting your next level. This experience is magical as we charge up your dreams and begin to put into motion a plan of action. Not only is this time together packed with practical next steps, it’s super fun! You get very personalized time from me as we sit and soak in being served in a high vibe location.  The diverse knowledge that I can support you in, from business and brand development to personal self-care and energy management will without a doubt shift your trajectory and make you more magnetic to your life’s desires.

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(5 hour experience + my 30 day support program + 3 coaching calls)
Discipline is Freedom

This day is created to begin you on your journey of personal accountability that will translate into all areas of your life. This is day 1 of a new you, together we will look at your habits both mentally and physically and see what small change can be made to have huge impact. Maybe there is something you keep telling yourself you want to do: go to the gym, eat healthy, stop smoking, detox a substance or person, try yoga, drink less, etc.. I am going to help you to break the pattern and set you up with a plan to keep going. 

Showing up like this on a daily basis will change your vibration and trajectory of your life, mentally, physically and spiritually while rewiring your brain on a whole new level. This will make you feel confident and empowered. Keeping your word to yourself creates integrity which ultimately builds self discipline and self trust which are key characteristics to self mastery. Change happens with consistency, commitment and support.

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Fear and faith both demand you to believe in something you can not see. You choose. – Bob Proctor

Deepening a sense of self is at the core of being the creator of your life both personally and professionally. You will learn how to master your mind by understanding the way it works. When you do, your stories in all areas of your life change – money, health and relationships.  You become a conscious decision maker empowering and trusting yourself and your ability to navigate your life. 

Learning to be still with yourself and listen deeply to your desires is paramount to living consciously. You will learn to harness the power of your breath to rewire your brain and change on a cellular level. Add meditation, affirmations, visualization and you have a recipe to become a  master manifestor.  I am certified in Bio-dynamic Breathwork which is a powerful modality for supporting lasting change in your body, mind and spirit. 

Guidance, accountability, and support to successfully brand and launch your business into the world while experiencing deep understanding of your purpose. Experience the power of focused collaboration to bring your vision to life as we uncover the layers of not only what you love doing, but how you want to live while doing it. We will create your unique message and learn how to authentically market so you feel excited about growing into your next level. 

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