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Reframing Broke + Fat

We are pretty much always thinking - aka talking to ourselves. Have you stopped to truly listen to what you are saying to yourself? Not just the concepts but the exact words? They have power! For instance: If you say 'I can't afford that', you stay in a lack mentality of…

Jump & Trust

There is a net waiting for you down there jump & trust life. What are you ready to jump into? enjoy it!

The Seed

the future is just unrealized moments of the now and does not exsist without the now to have an intention is like planting a seed a seed that if watered will become a tree the future represents the idea of what something could be a seed will be a the tree, the tree…

I love to travel!

I love who I am when I travel, free. Adventurer, explorer, fun. Up for anything, try anything once. Everyone and everything is so interesting. eye candy. Living hard in the moment, connecting. LOVE. I'm really excited about all my upcoming travels! Currently, I am in Chappaqua, NY assisting as Head Coach at a 4…

you are so powerful

Everything is created twice, first as a thought and then planned into existence. You are so much more powerful than you think. Think that you are, and you will be. Believe it. You can do anything you put your mind to. The first step is knowing what you want. The hard…

repeat to self and self will change…

to be the creator of your life, you must listen to what you are saying to yourself. adjust it so it aligns with what you want #yourthoughtscreatethings What are you repeating to yourself? DOES IT SUPPORT YOUR GOALS

Movement is my medicine

stuck inside...myself itching to get out...paralyzed I way out of my own stagnation until I shed the skin that was weighing me down and emerged raw and vulnerable curious and bold, ready to be seen literally moving into knowing myself...deeper healing. - - - - - - - - - - - -…

light up!

Remember... back when you were a kid, that thing that got you so excited you lost track of time? that thing you still secretly love. yeah that, do more of that! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -For me that is being…


OUR HANDS of which we have two. imprinted with our unique identity holding the "I am" reach, pull, push, grasp, feel, connect, an extension of our hearts' desire... I took this image in India while walking peacefully in a garden; I was struck by the powerful simplicity of the offering at hand. This image made me…



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