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Defined as: able to achieve efficiently whatever one has to do; competent.

Last year I set out to really see what I was actually capable of and decided to challenged my own mental and physical limitations.

I know one thing for sure, crossing over the edge of those limitations is where growth and change live and I wanted both. Change nothing, nothing changes. .

So here’s what I did:

1. I decided to go alcohol free for a year to see if I could. Was I capable of doing this?! Turns out I was and now a year and half later I don’t drink anymore! 👍🏼

2. I decided to complete 90 days of working out including 30 days of yoga in a row. Was I capable?! Turns out I was and I was featured as yogi of the month at my studio and continue to workout daily.🏆 

3. I decided to eat a clean diet eliminating sugar, wheat and dairy. Was I capable? Turns out I was and I released 15 lbs 🥗

Really, the key word here is DECIDED. I decide to do it and I kept to my word to myself. .

Keeping my word was the most powerful part of it all. In return I got my trust in myself back and my ability to make healthy decision. This made my feel super confident and empowered (plus I look & feel great)!

I got to see what I was really truly capable of when I put my mind to a decision. Now that I know, I can move through my BS excuses much faster to get to a choice.
Indecision, doubt, wavering and limbo are the worst places to be.

Because of these experiences, I put together a program to support YOU to decide, commit and change! It’s a 30 day program to go through your own experience of discovering how rockstar capable you truly are! Best part is I am with you the whole way and I promise, you won’t be the same on the other side! 🐛🦋 .

Find out more about the program here: 👉🏽

Make #choices, not excuses! 🤜🏼🤛🏽
Be the #creator of your life! 🐛🦋

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