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Multi-Lisa, Multi-verse

You are getting conscious, very conscious. Look into my eyes. Pay attention to me. You are getting conscious, very conscious. When I count to 3, you will: Wake up your desires. 🎤 Follow your truth. 🏆 Get still enough to listen. 🧘🏾‍♂️🧘🏻‍♀️ Go where the joy is. 🥰 Remain open.…

Mind Mastery Poetic Meditations

Mind Mastery: Poetic Meditation This is Lisa Meta from teaching you The Science of Change so you can be the creator of you life. These audio tracks are poetic meditations created to inspire awareness of your thoughts. Some will include breathing and meditation, affirmations to integrate…

perspective shift

How you choose to see things is your choice. 👈🏽 Life is one big live focus group for me. That’s why I like networking so much, I get to try out my new ideas on a whole room full of people and get feedback. If you launch something and it…

I am featured as Student of the month

I'll be the first to admit I have said some seriously mean things to my body over the years. #notproud It took me a long time to upgrade my body dialogue and learn that the way to heal my relationship with my body was to be nice to it, say nice things,…

Reframing Broke + Fat

We are pretty much always thinking - aka talking to ourselves. Have you stopped to truly listen to what you are saying to yourself? Not just the concepts but the exact words? They have power! For instance: If you say 'I can't afford that', you stay in a lack mentality of…

repeat to self and self will change…

to be the creator of your life, you must listen to what you are saying to yourself. adjust it so it aligns with what you want #yourthoughtscreatethings What are you repeating to yourself? DOES IT SUPPORT YOUR GOALS


OUR HANDS of which we have two. imprinted with our unique identity holding the "I am" reach, pull, push, grasp, feel, connect, an extension of our hearts' desire... I took this image in India while walking peacefully in a garden; I was struck by the powerful simplicity of the offering at hand. This image made me…

get curious and listen… open up to possibilities

the answer lies within the question... By getting curious you automatically open up to possibilities!  Curiosity isn't just for kids, it is a valuable tool for expanding in life and business. When we allow ourselves to get curious, we expand our mind into all the 'what ifs' that are available. Then we can begin to…

caught in motion

you are always on track... Have you ever felt like you fell off the wagon or got off track with your business?  I have come to learn that we are always on track, even though it might not seem or feel that way, since we shift into different energy spaces (like from…


Resistance is invisible. Resistance is internal. Resistance is the enemy within. * The enemy is a very good teacher.  —Dalai Lama Do you know how you resist? knowing is half the battle #yourthoughtscreatethings great resource on resistance: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

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