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I will be speaking and leading breath + meditation at George Washington University on March 25th at 3pm. This year's Colloquium theme is Wellness Tourism. Join MTA students, alumni and faculty for an engaging conversation about a leading component of the future of the tourism industry with industry experts, researchers…


microphone check 1,2,3 is this thing on?! I’ve been holding a microphone a lot more lately and I’ve come to realize how much I love it. Maybe because I finally feel I have something to say. #foundmyvoice Yay! I’ve got some exciting microphone related stuff launching soon. I’m really amped…

Manifest it backwards

Manifest it backwards.  Huh? Backwards?! Yup! For all you visionaries out there who think big and want to manifest your life purpose - I feel you. I also feel that sometimes the whole big vision life purpose thinking thing can be overwhelming with where to start and what the plan should be.  I…

Mind Mastery 009 Audio: Water Love

LISTEN NOW For the last year, I have been feeling a loud call to spend more time near (and in) water. I feel like there is a deep cleansing and healing I am craving that only water, sun, and sand can wash away. I decided to experience some West Coast beach living for a few weeks in August, I…

I love to travel!

I love who I am when I travel, free. Adventurer, explorer, fun. Up for anything, try anything once. Everyone and everything is so interesting. eye candy. Living hard in the moment, connecting. LOVE. I'm really excited about all my upcoming travels! Currently, I am in Chappaqua, NY assisting as Head Coach at a 4…

light up!

Remember... back when you were a kid, that thing that got you so excited you lost track of time? that thing you still secretly love. yeah that, do more of that! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -For me that is being…

find your flow… express yourself

I have always been fascinated with street art and urban living. Many of my creative ideas come from traveling, walking around and experiencing and seeing the streets. Graffiti is a subculture that really speaks to me, artists expressing themselves publicly. Knowing how you get inspired and finding the outlets that you…



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