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Manifest it backwards

Manifest it backwards.  Huh? Backwards?! Yup! For all you visionaries out there who think big and want to manifest your life purpose - I feel you. I also feel that sometimes the whole big vision life purpose thinking thing can be overwhelming with where to start and what the plan should be.  I…

Mind Mastery 009 Audio: Water Love

LISTEN NOW For the last year, I have been feeling a loud call to spend more time near (and in) water. I feel like there is a deep cleansing and healing I am craving that only water, sun, and sand can wash away. I decided to experience some West Coast beach living for a few weeks in August, I…

I love to travel!

I love who I am when I travel, free. Adventurer, explorer, fun. Up for anything, try anything once. Everyone and everything is so interesting. eye candy. Living hard in the moment, connecting. LOVE. I'm really excited about all my upcoming travels! Currently, I am in Chappaqua, NY assisting as Head Coach at a 4…

light up!

Remember... back when you were a kid, that thing that got you so excited you lost track of time? that thing you still secretly love. yeah that, do more of that! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -For me that is being…

find your flow… express yourself

I have always been fascinated with street art and urban living. Many of my creative ideas come from traveling, walking around and experiencing and seeing the streets. Graffiti is a subculture that really speaks to me, artists expressing themselves publicly. Knowing how you get inspired and finding the outlets that you…



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