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Design for Living Podcast Launched

I am so excited to be working with the talented and creative Jason of Jason He is producing a podcast series called DESIGN FOR LIVING hosted by me to teach you The Science of Change™ so you can be the creator of your life. It is exclusively on in the…

Multi-Lisa, Multi-verse

You are getting conscious, very conscious. Look into my eyes. Pay attention to me. You are getting conscious, very conscious. When I count to 3, you will: Wake up your desires. 🎤 Follow your truth. 🏆 Get still enough to listen. 🧘🏾‍♂️🧘🏻‍♀️ Go where the joy is. 🥰 Remain open.…

✨Shelf It✨

Organizing your mind means aligning your thoughts so they match up with your goals. It means putting your negative thoughts on a shelf, and not reading that book! Shelf it! You have a choice what you think. Choose wisely. Instead, use your mind as an active participant in co-creating what…

Mind Mastery Poetic Meditations

Mind Mastery: Poetic Meditation This is Lisa Meta from teaching you The Science of Change so you can be the creator of you life. These audio tracks are poetic meditations created to inspire awareness of your thoughts. Some will include breathing and meditation, affirmations to integrate…


It’s sneaky like that. Hiding in plain sight. Inherent in the question is the answer but you might have to stretch your mind to see it. 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏾‍♂️ The answer is in the question. -Me, I said that . What questions are you asking these days?

Law of thinking

Do you believe that your thoughts create the results in your life? I do. “Mind is a master that molds and makes. And man is mind and evermore he takes the tool of thought and shaping what he wills, brings forth a thousand joys or a thousand ills. We think…


Create clear boundaries. Sort through the mess. Pay attention. Identify what’s working and what’s not. Find the right pieces. Patience. Never quit! You know when it’s right. Things are coming into focus. Always keep the big picture in mind. It’s all starting to take shape. Completion feels so good. Success.…

Manifest it backwards

Manifest it backwards.  Huh? Backwards?! Yup! For all you visionaries out there who think big and want to manifest your life purpose - I feel you. I also feel that sometimes the whole big vision life purpose thinking thing can be overwhelming with where to start and what the plan should be.  I…

White as teacher

The color white is color at its most complete and pure, the color of perfection. The psychological meaning of white is purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. 🌀 In color psychology white is the color of new beginnings, of wiping the slate clean, so to speak. It is the blank canvas…

Keep it simple yo!

Don't underestimate simple. We so often feel the need to keep adding more. As if it's not enough in its basic form. No. It's good. You're good. It's all good. When I first started doing breath sessions with clients, I kept thinking I needed to add more, be more, do more... No. The…



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