Breakthrough Breath
Tuesday, December 1, 2020

7 – 8 PM (EST) on Zoom

The connected breath is a very powerful style of breathing through the mouth only. The increased intake of oxygen allows you to move out of mind and into body, entering deep meditation. Through this expanded state of consciousness, the body and the brain are rewired on a cellular level, so that any mental and physical blocks begin to shift, allowing change to occur. 

$15 investment


30 Days to Change Group Program
January 10 – February 9

Accountability is everything!

This is a GROUP accountability program that will help you keep your word to yourself. It takes place in a private Facebook Group led by Lisa along with the support of other manifestors all looking to get motivated and stay motivated.

Everyone in the group will pick something very small to do daily for 30 days with a time commitment of only 5 – 10 minutes. I will support you in deciding what that will be.

You will receive one short mind mastery audio in your inbox daily for 30 days that focuses on teaching a different perspective and principle of the Science Of Change™ process to inspire you to keep going on days that get tough, and reprogram your mind for success. 

This program will help you trust yourself again and jumpstart you into new ways of being, one small step at a time. You will  learn about yourself, both who you are and who you are becoming. 

$111 investment



This power hour is designed to get you fully in your body through deep breathing, intentional movement and positive mental reprogramming for rewiring your body and reprogramming your mind.  From this expanded state, you are able to create the next vision for your future from the inside out. 

Deep breathing and moving dynamically are the two most efficient and effective ways to balance your energy and elevate your personal vibration. 

Through this process you become more relaxed and confident which makes you more magnetic to what you want in your life. You will learn to to trust yourself and navigate your mind and body to align with your desires.

Release: breathe out what doesn’t serve you
Rewire: increased oxygen supports cellular health
Reset: come back to your true self


A two hour virtual community experience of Manifestors coming together to release the old, imagine the new, share with others and step into what’s next.

Manifesting opportunities are everywhere! Often you don’t see them even when they’re right in front of you. I will be teaching you how to recognize and activate manifesting moments in your everyday life to make decision making easier and reduce the overwhelm you might often feel when not knowing where to start or what to do next. 

Mastering the art of manifesting puts you in the drivers seat of your life.

Here’s the good news – these are practical skills you can learn and apply over and over to make reaching your goals easy and fun.

It starts with a vision, but the truth is your vision won’t create itself.
It needs your attention and care to grow.

By showing up daily using practical manifesting tools, you will start to change the trajectory of your life so that step by step you’re getting closer and closer to your dreams.

🐛🦋 During our time together, you will:

• have an opportunity for 1-1 coaching with Lisa – let’s talk!
• learn simple manifesting techniques to save time and move your forward faster
• practice speaking your vision into existence – charge it up yo!
• breathe life into what you are creating – expand from the inside out!
• support others in their growth – rise together!
• mingle with new people – you never know…

Can’t wait to manifest & mingle with you!


“Lisa guides, inspires and provides a container for you to discover where your growth edges are. She is a mental, life and business strategist that will help you to envision, believe and then leap into the next version of yourself!” – Natalie