Saturday, March 21, 2020
As we approach and transition into spring, a season for growth and blooming – let’s gather together to reflect on the wisdom of winter, set intentions for the new growth you desire and prepare for the emerging ahead. 

5-8 PM at  Bowery Yoga
$37 Early Bird until 3/14  ($45 After)
snacks, tea & mingling at the end


OR Venmo >  LisaMeta-Griff to avoid fees

* wear comfortable workout clothes
* bring water & a friend!
* all genders welcome


Everything you need is inside of you!

This workshop is designed to get you fully in your body through deep breathing, stretching, dance and positive mental reprogramming for rewiring your body and reprogramming your mind.  From this expanded state, you are able to create the next vision for your future from the inside out. 

Deep breathing and moving dynamically are the two most efficient and effective ways to balance your energy and elevate your personal vibration. 

As you move your body, your life moves. And, how you breathe is how you live. Life expresses itself as motion.

Through this process you become more relaxed and confident which makes you more magnetic to what you want in your life. You will learn to to trust yourself and navigate your mind and body to align with your desires.

Release: breathe out what doesn’t serve you
Rewire: increased oxygen supports cellular health
Reset: come back to your true self

A very powerful style of breathing through the mouth only. The increased intake of oxygen allows you to move out of mind and into body, entering deep meditation. Through this expanded state of consciousness, the body and the brain are rewired on a cellular level, so that any mental and physical blocks begin to shift, allowing change to occur. 



My true story is about mastering my mind. I learned there is a methodology to change, that life is created by design or default, and that thoughts create things. I now teach The Science of Change™, a process of Self Mastery for reaching next levels in business, lifestyle, health & mindset.

“Lisa guides, inspires and provides a container for you to discover where your growth edges are. She is a mental, life and business strategist that will help you to envision, believe and then leap into the next version of yourself!” – Natalie

I am passionate about supporting you to become the creator of your life, one breath at a time. I am certified in Bio-Dynamic breathwork and have been leading workshops and retreats globally. 

In our sessions, I have always felt supported, ready to jump, explore & conquer. Most importantly and inspiring of all, you are an example of manifestation constantly at work! Your energy, optimism, and approach to life & “work” have allowed me a huge opportunity. I find now that I can finally believe in myself. Your hard work, dedication, and sense of life are awesome and admirable! Thank you for being an inspiration and an example. – Bernardo

Breath work has been an integral tool in getting to know myself much more deeply. I am now aware of patterns that are unhealthy and understand where they come from. This allows me to uncover the path to experiencing myself with freedom and love. Couple with regular meditation, breath work has been the most direct way for me to experience my mental emotional-physical-spiritual self all at once. I feel so much more clarity and trust in myself.”  –Krista