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I am featured as Student of the month

I’ll be the first to admit I have said some seriously mean things to my body over the years. #notproud It took me a long time to upgrade my body dialogue and learn that the way to heal my relationship with my body was to be nice to it, say nice things, treat it like the temple it is and thank it for all the hard work it does. I had to learn to listen, to find my personal flow of how to nourish it, talk to it, move it, and finally love it!

I know I know…easier said than done – I get it!! Maybe challenging but not impossible. 

I recently committed to a daily yoga practice that started as a 30-day challenge and is now a way of life. I wanted to literally spend time with my body so I could hear deep down what I was saying to myself and have the choice to change it. I showed up each day no matter the mood or energy level, some days harder than others. I realized that the success was in the showing up and not how good my down dog was.  #lifelesson > JUST SHOW UP! 

What is body dialogue anyway?
These are all the things we say to our body… the good and the bad.

While I was moving through the poses or just lying in savasana, I would actively say kind and loving things to my body, thanking it for all the amazing work it does. Sometimes placing a hand on a part that I hadn’t always been nice to or was physically hurting me. For instance, I have been healing a sprained ankle so all the postures that require me to balance on one foot were hard for me and I would find myself having a choice: I could feel frustrated and annoyed or I could breathe into the wobble and say thank you ankle, I love you, you are doing a great job. Over time, my body started talking back to me (healing, strenghtening, and releasing weight.)
My dedication and commitment were recognized at the yoga studio and they honored me with Student of The Month. My photo is featured in the studio and in their newsletter with a mini interview they did which I share below. I had been experiencing so many rewards already, this was just one more that brought a huge smile to my face. Thank you Sacred Sounds Yoga!

Here is the Q&A feature on me by Sacred Sounds Yoga Studio.

Q: What is your favorite food?

Q: What activities do you like to do outside of yoga?
Gallery hopping, photography, culinary adventures, walking, hiking, biking and traveling.

Q: What do you do for work?
I’m a business and lifestyle coach, graphic designer and breath & meditation mentor. I support people to be the creators of their lives through mastering their thoughts and upgrading into living a high frequency life.

Q: What is your favorite place to travel to?
I’ve traveled to 32 countries. They are all so different that I can’t pick a favorite!

Q: What is your favorite quote?
“Both fear and faith demand us to believe in something we cannot see. You choose.” – Bob Proctor

Q:  When did you discover yoga, and what inspired you to start practicing?
I was struggling with back pain working a corporate job and the CEO’s wife volunteered to come in on Wednesday nights to teach us yoga. I never missed a class, and it changed my life. My pain subsided, and I felt connected to my body in a way that created the ripple effect of what I help others do – get connected, know themselves, and love themselves and their lives. GO yoga!

Q:  What benefits or changes have you experienced from your practice?
OH MY! So many. I feel super duper strong now (like plank is my bitch!) It started out with me needed to push myself to be better. Then I found the flow in just listening to what my body wanted; it is such a gift to be able to listen and allow myself to honor me. I found that just going to yoga made the rest of my day flow with ease, and I felt productive about my day when it wasn’t related to work. I learned that taking an hour for myself is key to discipline, which led me to personal freedom.

Q: What do you love about yoga?
Taking time in the day to connect to my body! I love the stretch, the elongation, and the metaphors to life. Yoga is so poetic. I love being in a room of other people that are valuing their bodies. I love breathing. I love listening for creative ideas or to be in the nothingness. I love how just showing up can feel so rewarding. I love feeling strong. Thank you!

Q: Share a memorable moment, experience or encounter at Sacred Sounds Yoga with us.
I had been traveling for months and had no sense of routine, so I had decided to challenge myself to do 30 days of yoga to get back to my body. So I got the monthly plan and started showing up. This was my first time doing something like this, and it was a new level of discipline I was ready to have in my life with taking care of my body. In the studio, I kept hearing people talk about a 30-day challenge, and I found out the studio was offering the same challenge I had put myself on. I joined in, and completed it and my reward was already going to be better health and showing up for myself, but in the end I also got all these amazing Sacred Sounds goodies that just made it even sweeter and this honor of being Student of the month. I also had this inner experience of completion that allowed me to continue for over 60 days and I feel I have truly made a lifestyle change. [Sacred Sounds Yoga studio manager] Madeline was a huge support for me. She was so enthusiastic that it helped me stay on track and made me feel like I wasn’t alone. Thank you, M! and to all the yoga teachers for being a part of my self love journey!



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