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I did it!

I completed Day 30 of my personal 30 day yoga challenge only to realize that life doesn’t stop at day 31 so I decided to go for another 30 days. Actually for 60 more but one month at a time…

Discipline = Freedom 

If anyone wants to join me in committing to something for 30 days let me know. It doesn’t have to be 30 days of yoga, it can be anything.

Some things I learned:
I am reminded what I am capable of when I put my mind to something and decide to make it a priority. Shifts happen, its inevitable. #proudlisa

It’s been incredible to feel my body get physically stronger, I can now easily do crow, headstand, and plank is my bitch!

I love all the different kinds of breathing techniques I have done and will be bringing into my new workshop coming soon… #accountability

Everyday had purpose, my health was first and it wasn’t because I was sick it was because I want to be healthy for a long time. Doing this was an act of self love and in return I received self love, deeper body acceptance and release of weight. And I made a few friends!

I learned to listen to my body, not every class was the sweaty kind. I luxuriated in yin yoga and restorative yoga which sometimes felt like a deeper practice. Balancing pushing through and slowing down was a dance I found myself in. It became about just showing up, not how hard I did something. #amidoingenoughgame

And so much more… probably write a blog post at some point about all this…

Thank you for all who cheered me on and believed in me, it helped more than you realized. And to each teacher who showed up and shared your wisdom with me.




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