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Money Story E-course

OMG, something big is happening! You know that moment when you realize something you said you were going to do, that felt sooooo far away, ends up happening!?

A while back I was talking with a friend and came up with an idea to launch The High Frequency Living Academy as a place for creative entrepreneurs to go and download e-courses to help them build a business, align their actions with their goals, and ultimately become conscious decision makers and creators of their lives.

…that day has come, and let me tell you, it creeped up on me so fast that I can’t believe it.

A turning point in growing my business was when I learned about my money story and how this very deep rooted tape recorder of beliefs; most of which were not mine but rather something I learned along the way, was essentially running the show.

When I identified my money story, I was able to begin to create a new story so I could make more money!

To make any change in life you have to REALIZE what you want. Sometimes to make that commitment can be the hardest part, but truly the place to start.

From there you begin to VISUALIZE it happening already and create it in your mind – just like I did with The Academy. It was just a thought and then I kept playing around with what it could actually look like.

Then to ACTUALIZE it, you need to identify ‘a’ first step to take, which could be the tiniest thing because one thing will lead you to the next. The key is to stay in action and to keep coming back to your vision to pull you forward.

money storyAs a gift to you and also to celebrate the launch of The High Frequency Living Academy (OMG!) I would like to offer you the first e-course called What’s Your Money Story? where I walk you through identifying it and a 3 step process to actualize what you want to create for yourself! Fill out the form on the homepage and get started!



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