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I saved you a seat, can you come?

There are a few seats left and I saved one for you!
Are you feeling on the fence about coming to The Permission Retreat? 

Wondering if it’s for you?
Let’s see if I can help answer some of your questions:

What will we be doing at the retreat?
The foundation of the retreat is designed for healing and exploring pleasure through the senses.  The main sessions will be daily biodynamic breathwork (a powerful tool for getting into the wisdom of your body and releasing blocks and heal), along with Permission Sessions & Femme! (guided self-inquiry and sensual movement to get reconnected to your body’s wisdom and heal).

Here’s a sample of a day:
7:00-8:00   Morning Rooftop Meditation
8:30-9:30   Breakfast
10:00-12    Breathwork with Lisa
12 – 1:00    Lunch
1:00-4:00   Free time
4:00-6:00   Permission Sessions with Krista
6:00-7:00   Curated Chocolate Tasting
7:00-8:30   Sensual Dinner
9:00-10      Night Ritual

Sprinkled in throughout the 5 days we have some specially curated experiences, such as:

  • a beach photo shoot with horses
  • boat ride to a cliff-side restaurant
  • a traditional Mexican sweat lodge
  • and a sensual dinner full of surprises


Biodynamic Breathwork can help you: 

• Feel more grounded, focused and comfortable in your own skin.
• Reduce stress, relax and become more present in your life.
• Enter a deep meditative state to calm the mind and relax the body.
• Release pent up physical & mental blocks that are holding you captive from freedom.
• Open up space in your mind and body to create what is next for your life.
• Experience more pleasure, joy and freedom in your life.
• Develop a practice and act of self-love.
• Begin to heal physically and mentally at a cellular level so LASTING change occurs.
• Become healthier as you open up to the full capacity of your lungs, the deeper you breathe, the deeper you live.

Here’s what women are saying about Biodynamic Breathwork with Lisa: 
The sheer transformative power of breath work combined with the beautiful energy Lisa brings to each session, have allowed for a depth of healing and expansion in me unlike anything I’ve experienced before.
– Sherry Mills

If you are interested in growing and finding what you need to move forward in life successfully, breath work is a powerful tool.
– Lisa Connelly

I feel whole. Strong.
– Susan Lee

For more photos of the amazing Villa where we will be staying  CLICK HERE

How can Permission Sessions help me?
Permission Sessions can help you: 

  • Feel more peace, confidence, self-compassion, & vitality.
  • Speed up your metabolism, more passion, & a turned-on body.
  • Get clarity with your desires & attract what you want.
  • Gain confidence asking for what you want and need emotionally and sexually in your intimate relationships.
  • Know your body and increase the range of your sensual pleasure.
  • Experience fun, celebration, & unforgettable sisterhood.

Here’s what other women are saying about Permission Sessions with Krista: 
I wanted to deepen my relationship with myself, my body, and let for of some emotional blocks that I had from stepping into my full power, and loving and embracing myself fully. 

It’s very powerful and it’s been something that’s definitely going to take me forward with more power, more playfulness, more focus and more clarity creating my purpose and mission in the world.
– Shaundra Zee, Transformational Coach/Writer, Participant in Permission Sessions

The way that Krista really facilitated us to come together, felt like a connection I hadn’t had in a really long time. I hadn’t been in touch with that part of myself for probably 20 years. I learned alot. I learned how much I had actually not been in my body, how much I had avoided being present in my body. I also realized what it feels like to be in touch with my essence, to really feel that, and to feel how much it feels like home.
– Nina Fry Kizler, Professor of Mind Body Medicine at JFK University

How can Femme! help me?
We’re all in need of releasing pent up emotions that we never express. We all need to move our bodies. We all need community and sisterhood. We all need to feel safe. Femme! is a delicious way to move your emotions throughyour body to the infectious vibration of live drums. Yup, we will have live drumming!!

Bring your break-up grief, your I got a new promotion joy, your this is my year excitement, your I’ve put on a few pounds judgment, your I don’t like anger, your I don’t feel comfortable in groups fear. Bring it all and dance it out! We got your back.

For more photos of the amazing Villa where we will be staying  CLICK HERE

Is The Permission Retreat for everyone?
Well not exactly…. if you’re looking for the kind of retreat where you drink yourself silly, this isn’t the one for you.  This retreat is for women who want to get closer to their real, magnetic, ravishing selves by tapping into their feminine nature through guided inquiry, breath, movement, meditation, fun, and sensual experiences.


Will there be free time to rest, read, dream?
YES!  The retreat is designed for you to have plenty of down time so you’re not rushing from one experience to the next.  There’ll be time to follow your feminine flow and process and most importantly enjoy the view!

Do I need to know how to meditate?
Nope!  We’ll guide you through every experience.  You’ll either deepen your existing meditation practice, or you’ll be learning new ways to practice focussing your mind and learning tools you’ll be able to use forever.

Do I need to know how to dance?
Nope! Femme! is not about knowing how to dance. It’s about moving your emotions and moving authentically in whatever way that looks like for you. Think of it more like you body is moving you to the infectuous vibration of live drums.

Is it a safe part of Mexico?
Mexico gets a bad rap, but this nook in Puerto Vallarta Mexico is truly a haven.  I’ve visited there many times and never had any trouble. Of course, regular street smarts apply, just like anywhere else in the world.

The Permission Retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, February 27 – March 4, 2017.
To reserve your spot or find out more  >>

Or let’s talk, email me and lets set up a time to see for real if this is something that is right for you. Making these decisions is not always easy and I am here to talk it out with you.



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