I am so excited to be working with the talented and creative Jason of JasonCharles.net. He is producing a podcast series called DESIGN FOR LIVING hosted by me to teach you The Science of Change™ so you can be the creator of your life. It is exclusively on jasoncharles.net in the TALK SHOWS section.

This series means so much to me as it represents the culmination of years of next leveling and manifesting in my own life to be able to share all that I have learned. The path was not always an easy one but each lesson led me here to a place to put it all together. The Science of Change is not just my life’s work, it is how I live my life and has been what helped me heal from addiction, obsessive thinking, body image issues (to name a few) and then learning to trust and love myself again.

Each episode is packed with nuggets of information and inspiration in under 15 minutes because if you are like me, you are busy and I respect your time. I will address one word each episode because words matter and to be the creator of your life you need to start thinking about what you are thinking about and build your emotional portfolio.

Everything that is happening in your life is a result of thoughts you are having that is rooted in your programming. Change  your thinking and your life changes. I am passionate about you taking aligned action to manifest what you desire in your life, if you think it you can create it.

Master your mind, master your life!

EPISODE 01: Meet Lisa Meta

This episode I share a little about me and how The Science of Change™ came to be. I answer a powerful question on how to transition into a new career and teach you a repeatable 3 step process you can apply to manifesting anything in life so you can be the creator of  your life. Get Metamorfized!



This episode I talk about the word change and the 2 different kinds there are. I also share a little about my story of being broke and the ‘power of have to’  that was upon me in my life to make a change. Get Metamorfized!



Lisa Meta focuses on the “C” word: COMMITMENT.  From the dictionary definition, to the fear of it, to how to plan around it, and other insightful applications to develop the necessary discipline to achieve it.


EPISODE 04: Planning

In this episode you learn some of my favorite and most potent manifesting hacks for getting clear on what to do next so you can execute on your plans. how getting off course might not be so bad when you learn to use my favorite reframe. #trusthereroute


EPISODE 05: Fear as  your guide

How to use fear as your guide in life, yes your guide. When you can see  fear as the necessary passageway to what you want, you can develop a new relationship with it and move through it with ease. I share how I use emotions as messengers and how to receive their messages.


EPISODE 06: Visualize

Learn how to use visualizing as a tool to create your goals or dreams. Practice the art of mental mapping to reprogram your mind, align your thoughts with your goals and activate the power of mindset using meditation as a practice for being the creator of your life.



At the end of each episode I answer a question sent in from a listener. Do you have a challenge or issue in your life that is holding you back from achieving your next level? Ask me about it!  Get your question answered by sending me an email, can’t wait to hear from you. Let’s do this!


Lisa Meta Griff