“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
– Helen Keller, American Author, Lecturer, and Advocate for the Blind

Lisa guides you, inspires you and provides a container for you to discover where your growth edges are. She is a mental, life and business strategist that will help you to envision, believe and then leap into the next version of yourself!
If you are truly committed and dedicated to being your best self, she will give you 1000% of herself to do what it takes. She is honest, real and has a huge heart! She holds you accountable for your actions and celebrates your successes.
Not only can she help design your website or coach you to develop your next business but she’s a holistic transformational life coach that provides curated luxurious experiences that include breathwork, nutrition advice, meditation practices and self care strategies. You learn about yourself from the inside out, creating a solid foundation upon which you begin to see that YES! anything is possible!
She’s a woman of integrity, professionalism and honestly I cannot recommend enough that you dive in and work with Lisa.
If you’re looking to change, grow and be supported into the next level of yourself that you didn’t even know existed, then I highly highly recommend you work with Lisa Meta.

I hired Lisa seven years ago to make my sherrymills.com site. What struck me immediately about her was an attitude uncommon in the other designers I’d worked with; Lisa has a fascination with all things ‘beneath the surface’ and a willingness to do whatever it takes to delve into the hidden heart of someone’s purpose. She’s less interested in crafting a representation of where you’ve already been; she wants to design the new you. She’s like an interior designer of the graphic design world!

I quickly learned that this process of building my site was not about organizing and uploading some photo collections, but about designing myself into being, and realizing the type of foundation for my art business that could only come about through my interaction with her. Lisa has proven to me in every conversation we’ve had that there is a magic inherent in her communication. She is as much a life coach as she is an award-winning designer, and how lucky I am to have her influence, her eye, and her friendship as I continue to build what I am.

I’m still glowing from collaborating with you on the new ad. I love that I’m going with my bold side. You’re so talented! and amazing to watch as a visual artist and creator.  MeaningfulLifeStudio.com

In our sessions I have always felt supported, ready to jump, explore & conquer. Most importantly and inspiring of all, you are an example of manifestation constantly at work!  Your energy,  optimism and approach to life & “work” has allowed me a huge opportunity.  I find now that I can finally believe in myself.  Your hard work, dedication and sense of life is awesome and admirable!  Thank you for being an inspiration, friend and an example.

Metamorfize and its founder, Lisa Meta Griff assisted me in the development of my website. Lisa was professional, focused/directed and needed very little input from me once we had met and she understood my needs. Her creative/artistic eye was a plus for a photography website!  I have received numerous positive comments on how attractive and functional my website is. She continues to be responsive and helpful as needed, and always a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Lisa based on her professionalism, creative abilities and commitment to the process and finished product.

Watching Lisa work is a truly inspiring experience. She is an incredibly creative person, as well as a critical thinker, and her ideas flow with such fluidity. I love her use of color and ability to generate many different ideas for any given project. On a personal note, Lisa is a wonderful person. She is fun to be around, easy-going, a dedicated friend and full of good humor.

Lisa is by far the best, most creative, imaginative, innovative person I have ever worked with. Her intuition is always spot on as she has a way of coming up with original ideas that surpass what you would consider a “good job,” going into the project. Lisa has a beautiful presence that is calm and patient. She listens to your ideas, takes them into consideration, and combines them with her own new ideas, always creating projects that can only be described as extraordinary. She is an absolute joy to work with, always meeting deadlines and delivering exactly what she says she will, if not more. It’s very difficult to find people as creative and on point as Lisa is, and I would recommend her services to anyone!

Lisa’s vision, ideas and enthusiasm are so inspiring. Working on my website design with her has been the most enjoyable process; she always has very creative and unique solutions to all sorts of design problems. Armed with a wide range of experiences, she can tackle any kind of design job. She is very thorough, honest and reliable, you can’t find a more hard working professional creative person around.

Lisa has an uncanny ability to take my thoughts & ideas & then translate them into exactly what I was looking for in a website design. This creative ability coupled with her professionalism makes her a pleasure to work with!

I’ve worked with Lisa on many projects over the years.  She always brings that rare mixture of unique creative POV and deadline-driven business sense.  She is a consummate professional—always looking to fulfill the business’ objectives with smart and creative design.  She also has a broad set of skills—mastery of both the print and online mediums, and truly gifted in mixed media artistry.  I highly recommend her for any creative project you have.  www.skellyskills.com

Lisa’s creativity is infinite!  She can take a vision of what you want and bring it to life.   Her integrity and intricate attention to detail is beyond reproach!! www.malany.com

I had the pleasure of working with Lisa Meta Griff on our biggest website project in the gallery – Mimi Ferzt Gallery – where I”m a Director. We had to first completely rethink our online presence as a gallery with a niche market – we specialize in Russian Contemporary Art, and based on that, we had to build an entire new website. Part of our wish was to create a website, which would emphasize the artwork – obviously as a selling tool to our clients, but we also needed to stress the navigation aspect of the new website – to make it a user-friendly, enjoyable, and active experience. Beyond imagery, we had to make sure clients are able to find biographical and logistical information quickly and easily.

Lisa was involved on this project from the very inception – starting with brainstorming sessions – to the final stage of completion. She delivered superbly on every level of this project. She brought tremendous creative talent, drive, and leadership to this project.

Lisa has a strong passion for website design – but even more importantly, she not only understands the creative aspect of it, but also the technical issues involved in the process. She was very clear on what some of the limitations of online experience might be, when our creative energy took us beyond the capacity of what could be done on the website. And at the same time she always pushed us to go further, try newer methods and see the bigger picture of “experiencing” the site. Throughout the entire process she also had a very positive impact on her fellow co-workers and the environment as a whole, even when deadlines created a more sensitive environment.

Lisa brings to the professional table a strong work ethic, great communication skills and the capacity to solve problems quickly and effectively. She is also extremely pro-active. She works very well independently (as some aspects of the design had to be done away from the gallery), as well as being part of the team. Her attention to detail is impeccable, as well as her strong creative skills and she has a great follow-up ability to see all of her projects through.

Overall, it was a pleasure to work with Lisa on a professional and personal level.

I HIGHLY recommend Lisa as she is an extremely talented designer, photographer and artist along with having corporate experience managing design projects.  She is also skilled at working on websites and there are samples of her work on her site.  I am not sure what the “vibe” for your site is and development needs, but I know Lisa can handle it as she has worked for businesses of all sizes and different industries.

She is currently helping me redo my site and has been so helpful in providing creative direction and with my photography needs!  You will enjoy working with her!