“This has been an awesome journey! I’ve learned a lot about myself, how I respond to things and engage with others. I have done nothing but grow. Lisa, this has been a huge gift. You, the people, the program… the grace of it all, thank you!” – Laura Hayes

“With Lisa’s guidance, I saw where I was holding myself back. She taught me to create new mental patterns and habits that support a success mindset and lifestyle. I feel so much trust and confidence in myself and now believe my dreams are possible – it’s so exciting!” – Gisela Viera

“I don’t have to question my decisions anymore, I trust myself again. Lisa has unique skills and a vibrancy that taught me practical ways of moving forward in a positive way. She is the real deal.

Her breath sessions are awesome! I now feel that I can allow myself to not be so cerebral and listen to my body more closely.” – Susan Mathews

“Breathwork has been an integral tool in getting to know myself much more deeply. I am now aware of patterns that are unhealthy and understand where they come from. This allows me to uncover the path to experiencing myself with freedom and love. With regular meditation, breathwork has been the most direct way for me to experience my mental emotional-physical spiritual self all at once. I feel so much more clarity and trust in myself.” – Krista Kujat

“Lisa guides you, inspires you and provides a container for you to discover where your growth edges are. She is a mental, life and business strategist that will help you to envision, believe and then leap into the next version of yourself! If you are truly committed and dedicated to being your best self, she will give you 1000% of herself to do what it takes. She is honest, real and has a huge heart! She holds you accountable for your actions and celebrates your successes. She’s a woman of integrity, professionalism…if you’re looking to change, grow and be supported into the next level of yourself that you didn’t even know existed, then I highly highly recommend you work with Lisa Meta.” – Natalie Pierson, www.integratedform.com

Favorite part…hard to say, there were so many. I’d say, the sense of community and the connections I made. Just being together felt really good. Hearing what people were reflecting back to me taught me a lot. I am starting to believe what others think about me and how capable and strong I am and that I have a lot to offer. It was good to not feel so isolated in my daily little life.” – Sarah Weaver

“Lisa has proven to me in every conversation we’ve had that there is a magic inherent in her communication. She is as much a life coach as she is an award-winning designer, and how lucky I am to have her influence, her eye, and her friendship as I continue to build what I am.” – Sherry Mills