Join us for an unforgettable journey through self-inquiry, breathwork, meditation and movement with mindful excursions to support your next level growth. This uniquely curated  multi-sensory 7-day retreat takes place in luxury villas in TWO locations in Mexico. The first offers a country side experience outside the Colonial city of San Miguel de Allende AND the second offers a Pacific Ocean beach experience in the charming small town of Zihuatanejo.  Together these locations and experiences will support deep personal transformation while having an amazing time!


“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” -John Maxwell


Part 1 of this retreat is about going inward to connect to yourself and the land in a meaningful way as we explore and observe one of the oldest inhabited corners of North America. San Miguel is a very sacred land and holds the power to teach and heal. 


Part 2 of this retreat we will take a private plane to Zihuatanejo where you will integrate your personal growth with the calming energy of the ocean while in a luxurious mountain side villa. 


Sunday, February 16th

Arrive, settle in and enjoy the 12,000 sq ft villa perched on a hill with views of pure expansion and possibilities and a gorgeous mineral rich pool. We will gather together for dinner to meet each other, set intentions, go over the retreat itinerary and indulge in an evening breath and meditation session.




Monday, February 17th

Journal + morning meditation + movement 
Group Check-in, s
et intentions for the mindful excursion
Visit the private property of the Cañada de la Virgen
Breath Session

We will visit the land surrounding an ancient pyramid to examine what makes for a solid foundation. Then we go on an inner journey to see what core beliefs we are using for our foundation in life and make sure they are aligned with what we want to manifest next. We use the evening breath session to release old programming to prepare for the next day.

Tuesday, February 18th

Journal + morning meditation + movement
Mindful excursion to a Shaman-led Sweat Lodge (lunch included)
Dinner at the villa
Relaxing Evening Breath Session under the stars

We will have a special opportunity to experience an ancient practice in a Temazcal, to release physical and energetic toxins to make space for the new. It is used as a cleansing and restorative balancing of mind, body and spirit. We end the night indulging in the mineral rich pool at the villa to replenish and cleanse under the stars.

Wednesday, February 19th
Journal + morning meditation + movement 
Mindful excursion on a guided historical and architectural city tour and shopping
Lunch in town with breath taking views of  the city!
Free time to stay in town or enjoy the villa.
Dinner at the villa
Mindful excursion and evening breath session at the Mayan Baths

This day is all about pivoting from the past to where you are going. We will take a city tour and go shopping in the market where we look around for an item that represents our next level and end the might submerged under healing water as we begin to feel lighter and ready for what is next.

Thursday, February 20t

Pack your things, we are going to the beach.
After breakfast we will take a 1 hour private flight south to a luxurious villa in Zihuatanejo perched in the mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
Lunch upon arrival
Unpack and enjoy free time – beach, pool, relax, be.

Dinner together at the villa
Evening breath session



Friday, February 21st

Journal + morning meditation + movement 
Mindful excursion to into town for Painted Masks Artisan Tour
Lunch in town
Mindful excursion sunset sailing experience
Diner at the villa

Bring your newfound energy and sense of self to this new environment to practice being the new you! Memorialize your inner shift by creating a mask representation of your transformation.  Enjoy the sunset on a sail boat as you metaphorically flow through life and move towards your goals.

Saturday, February 22nd

Journal + morning meditation + movement 
Enjoy free time at the villa, at the beach or in town
Lunch on your own
Dinner and special celebration and ritual at the villa

Together we close our circle in celebration of what we are creating next seeing and witnessing each other growth. You will leave with a plan of action so you know the exact next steps to take and then breathe life into all you desire during this evening Manifestation Ritual.


Sunday, February 23rd

Journal + morning meditation + movement 

Airport shuttles will be arranged to take you to the airport.

You go back home relaxed, rewired and reprogrammed for your next level success. 


Each day is specifically designed to support the releasing, rewiring and resetting of your body, mind and spirit. Specially curated excursions to historic sites like, a Shaman-led sweat lodge, Mayan Baths, private access to sacred land and more, are included for you to learn about and experience the culture. These are unique and exclusive experiences with locals that you can’t find in off-the-shelf tours.

Healing modalities such as daily biodynamic breathwork (a super powerful healing modality), self-inquiry, a variety of meditations, movement practices, with just enough downtime, will all work together to support your personal transformation and prepare you up leveling to  your next level.

You will leave feeling fully refreshed and ready to focus on your purpose and projects that await you back home.

With the use of Biodynamic breathwork, you will be able to drop into a meditative state while allowing this powerful therapy to ease tension, reduce stress and remove subconscious blocks that have been stored deep within your body’s tissues for years.  Release. Rewire. Reset. 

• Feel more grounded, focused and comfortable in your own skin.
• Reduce stress, relax and become more present in your life.
• Enter a deep meditative state to calm the mind and relax the body.
• Release pent up physical and mental blocks that are holding you captive from freedom.
• Open up space in your mind and body to create what is next in your life.
• Change the relationship you have with your own body.
• Experience more pleasure, joy and freedom in your life.
• Develop a practice of self-love.
• Begin to heal physically and mentally at a cellular level so LASTING change may occur.
• Release old emotional wounds and trauma buried within your subconscious.
• Become healthier as you open up to the full capacity of your lungs; the deeper you breathe, the deeper you live.

•  Accommodation – 7 nights in 2 Beautiful luxurious Villas
•  Private plane transfer to the Beach  Villa

• Round Trip  Airport Car Transfers
•  Chef Prepared Healthy Locally Sourced Meals
•  Mineral Rich Pool at each location
•  Daily Breath, Movement & Meditation Journeys
•  1 Private Coaching Session with Lisa (before retreat)
•  Shaman Led Sweat Lodge Experience
•  Guided Historical and Architectural City Tour with Lunch
•  Private visit to Cañada de la Virgen Sacred Land
•  Exclusive Access evening visit to the Mayan Bath
•  Sunset Sailing Experience
•  Mask Making with Local Artisans
•  Sponsored High Vibe Gift Bags

•  1 Post-retreat Follow-up Coaching Call with Lisa
•  Massive Opportunity for  Growth

•  space to think, breathe and hear your thoughts
•  to retreat in luxury and raise your frequency
•  to heal and release old stories
•  to detox in a mineral rich pool
•  sweat out your BS in a sweat lodge
•  recharge at the beach
•  to get away from your everyday life to reset
•  to figure out what is next in your life
•  7 days of breath work & meditation
•  to explore San Miguel and Zihuatanejo in a meaningful way
•  to manifest your next level
•  to be with an amazing small intimate group
•  to uplevel to the next level! 

Are you ready to manifest your next level?


Early bird ends December 31
Spaces are VERY limited

If you are interested but want to make sure it’s right for you,  me and let’s set up a time to talk.


Regular Price:  $6000
($1600 savings!)


Only pay $2200 now!
remaining balance due 2/1
 payment plans available


Regular Price:  $5000 ea
($1700 savings!)
* coming with a friend means sharing a king size bed


Only pay $3300 now
remaining balance due by 2/1
 payment plans available

There are 2 airport options to San Miguel de Allende, airfare not included but everything else is!

1) QRO – Queretaro
2) BJX – Leon

We will provide shuttle service for you to get from the airport to the magnificent villa!

The shuttle takes 50 mins from both airports.

We will gather for dinner and an evening session so plan to be there by 5pm.

Come earlier and enjoy the pool for the day!

•  say you want to meditate more but never actually do it.
•  crave one on one expert coaching to move your business and/or life forward faster.
•  are overwhelmed with your life and need to get away.
•  pretend to hold it all together on the outside, but secretly you are suffering.
•  have ideas and projects that aren’t moving forward.
•  are frustrated with your negative self-talk and want to change!
•  suffer from addictions and obsessive thinking and want help to change.
•  love to travel and want to try a new way to see the world and also grow.
•  have a dream but you never seem to make time to work on it.
•  want branding and business development coaching to take your career to the next level.
•  know the power of meditation and breath work and want to have a breakthrough.
•  feel like life is happening to you and you need to gain control again.
•  know that something is holding you back from getting to the next level in your life.
•  are ready to heal and release old stories.
•  want to get away from your everyday and have a luxury experience.
•  feel lost and confused and want a safe space to explore what could be next.
•  are thinking about a major life change and need support to map out the plan.
•  know if you spend time on yourself, you can get clear about what is next.
•  want to learn techniques to become the creator of your life that you can apply forever.
•  feel alone and need to connect with amazing inspiring supportive people.
•  love me and want to come experience this curated adventure I manifested!

Just for a moment,
pause and take a deep breath in.
and release it…

Now, take another one and fill up,
expand with life, possibilities and really ask yourself.
Are ready to manifest your next level?

If there is even a small yes in there,
please set up a time to talk to me and let’s see
if this retreat is right for you.


Lisa Meta Griff
Next Level Coach  + Breath & Meditation Facilitator

Since 2004, Lisa has owned and operated Metamorfize, a graphic design, business & life coaching studio headquartered in NYC.  She has branded, designed, and coached entrepreneurs and companies worldwide into business, from conception to execution.

In 2007, Lisa became a certified Bio-Dynamic Breath Practitioner after experiencing a deep personal transformation working with the breath. This landed her in Pune, India assisting her teachers at the Osho Ashram, followed by offering this work at retreats internationally.  Lisa’s determination to heal from debt, food addiction, challenging relationships, obsessive thinking, and isolation…led her to discover the one thing they all had in common – her thoughts.

Her true story is about mastering her mind. She learned there is a methodology to change, that life is created by design or default, and that thoughts create things. Lisa now teaches The Science of Change™, a process of Self Mastery for reaching next levels in business, lifestyle, health & mindset.

Along with running her thriving design and coaching business, she facilitates breath + movement workshops, programs and retreats globally.  Lisa is passionate about supporting you to become the creator of your life. 

Daniel P. Dozier
Destination Curator & Travel Coordinator

Daniel advises communities with his consulting practice focused on strategic partnerships and destination development. He recently served as a consultant at a global trade association for the destination management industry. Daniel worked for a DC-based public affairs firm advising clients ranging from non-profits to multinational brands on ways to connect with constituents using technology and partnerships. He also leads mindful excursions for a bespoke retreat company, with a combination of personal growth and breath work that produces transformational travel experiences for the intentional traveler.

He was Chief of Staff to the US Ambassador for the World Expo in Milan, Italy in 2015 and served in the same capacity at the residence of the US Ambassador to France and Monaco from 2009 through 2012 where he curated social, cultural and diplomatic events for the Embassy. Daniel worked on President Obama’s 2008 campaign as Director of International Fundraising and then served in the same role for the Inauguration in 2009 and at the Democratic National Committee.

Email Daniel for support on all travel planning, he’s a genius at it:

Lisa Meta Griff