I know and you know how hard it is to stay on track with healthy eating, financial goals and relationship desires.

You have every intention to make aligned choices but let’s face it – life pulls us in so many directions that it can be hard to even remember sometimes.

What if you had a wearable reminder that is not only stylish but helps you stay connected to your vision on the daily? 

On my journey to create healthy eating habits, I realized I wanted a daily reminder of the lifestyle I desired. My salad ring became that for me (it was either that or a tattoo lol).

It’s also a talking piece that lets me share my vision in a fun and fabulous way. By wearing the Reminder Ring™ I started attracting more salad lovers – people would come over for salad and healthy eating became easy. 

This is an opportunity to create your very own custom Reminder Ring™ for you to ritualize your daily commitment and manifest your vision.

Together we will discover the word that powerfully captures the essence of what you are creating. It can be hard sometimes to narrow it down with all the things we want, I am here to help you choose.

1 Private Call (90 minutes)
1 Custom Reminder Ring (Choice of Brass of Silver)

Investment $499

Lisa Meta Griff