Things never stay the same. 

Change is inevitable – it is a constant companion that will be with you throughout your life. When you experience change, you move from what you have known, through a period of transition to arrive at a desired new way of behaving and being.

Everyone moves through change in their own unique way – it is a personal experience and you always have a choice. The mindset in which you approach change will influence the quality of your journey and the results you get. 

There are 2 very distinct ways to approach change.

1. The mindset of “There’s something wrong with me and I need to fix it” is filled with negative self talk, judgment, and the belief that you are not enough and will never be enough. It is exhausting, connects you to a lack mentality, and usually offers only a temporary fix.

2. The mindset of “I’m bettering myself because I love myself” is filled with showing up for yourself and a deep belief that you are enough no matter what. It allows you to connect to yourself and develop a harmonious relationship with your life and the ever-evolving nature of it all. 

Sometimes you don’t even realize that you’re approaching change through the lens of fixing yourself – it’s so automatic that you don’t notice you’re doing it until the endless cycle of trying and failing and the pain of being stuck in this loop wakes you up to the possibility that perhaps there is another path you can take, another choice you can make. 

I get it. I’ve been there. There was a time in my life when I was buried underneath obsessive thinking, food addiction, debt, isolation and unhealthy relationships – I did not like how I was being and who I was becoming.  I wanted to change but what I was doing wasn’t working – I was getting nowhere.

Until a game changing moment arrived…

I realized there was nothing wrong with me and nothing to fix, which ultimately shifted the journey of change from an exhausting burden to a conscious way of living.

Through my journey to master my mind and reconnect with my body, I created The Science of Change™,  a process that allowed me to connect to a life-enhancing relationship with change, so that I could move with greater ease through transitions and align with my passion and purpose. 

Creating this process changed my life and I’m so excited to share it with you! 

The Science of Change™ process is designed to help you:
• become aware of your thoughts
• identify negative thought loops
• discover old mental programs
• imagine your desired future
• move into action
• breathe life into your next level
…so that you can become the creator of your life. You will learn how to harness the power of your mind and body to achieve your potential in health, finances and relationships.  

what you want in your life.
• Take inventory
• Witness your thoughts
• Understand your mind
• Release old stories
• Rewire outdated programming
• Tune into your emotional frequency
• Make space for change
• Connect to what’s next
• Decide to change

“Think about what you think about.”

it already happening in your life.

• Practice the art of visualization
• Feel into your future
• The power of mindset
• Words matter
• Meditation as a practice
• Breathwork – cellular level change
• Reprogram your mind, align your thoughts with your goals

“Expand from the inside out.”

it with an easy to follow action plan.
• Show up, keep your word
• Learn conscious decision making
• Trust yourself
• The power of repetition
• Create morning routines for success
• Raise your frequency
• Breathe deep, move more
• Practice consistency and discipline
• Own your power to transform

“Move your body, move your life.”

your life as the new you.
• Define your happiness and success
• Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
• Use fear as your guide
• Emotions as fuel
• Learn to love the unknown
• The Art of Manifesting
• Relationship building with yourself and others
• Manage your energy
• Welcome to your next level

“Change from love, not from lack.”

Lisa Meta Griff