This concept was born out of my passion to make changes in my life, to run a successful business and have the lifestyle I wanted. I began to study successful people, trying to find the commonalities they had so I could learn from them. What I discovered came down to OUR THOUGHTS. All the successful people I read about understand that they are the creators of their lives through harnessing the power of their thoughts.

We have 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts in a day – wow!

Learning to become aware of my thoughts, the conversations I was having and actually learning how to reframe them and navigate them was the pivotal moment on my journey to success and why I created The Science of Change which is all about where science meets spirituality.

Once you understand the law of thinking and how your mind works you can start visualizing and then actualizing to create anything for yourself.

We can get caught up in such high level spiritual concepts of manifesting that we forget there are some very scientific, practical reasons why we do what we do.  

I’m not just offering affirmations to repeat for no reason; training your brain is a real thing. I want you to become a conscious decision maker!

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to change a thought or a habit?!

Well, it’s because “neurons that fire together, wire together.” – Carla Shatz

Basically, our brain cells (neurons) communicate with one another via synaptic transmission–one brain cell releases a chemical (neurotransmitter) that the next brain cell absorbs. This communication process is known as “neuronal firing.”  

How does this relate to our thoughts? 

Each time you repeat a particular thought or action, you strengthen the connection between those active neurons. 

Therefore, the more you have a thought, the stronger it becomes – translating into habit, action and ultimately the results in your life.

SO, If you aren’t liking your results, you probably have a looping thought pattern that isn’t aligning with what you want. I want to help you identify that pattern and begin to write a new story so you are firing off new thoughts and getting different results.

Good news is, this is a methodology you can use to change your circumstances and raise your frequency so you are happy and successful.

Your thoughts create things.
Where your energy goes, your life flows.
Your life is created by design or by default.

Become a master of your mind and the creator of your life.