Sharing my thoughts…
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I will be sharing my thoughts on themes that weave through my life inspiring you to ‘think about what you think about.’ Everything that is happening in your life is a result of thoughts you are having that is rooted in your programming. Change your thinking and your life changes. I am passionate about you taking aligned action to manifest what you desire in your life, if you think it you can create it.

❤️ On Love

💧On Health

💵 On Money

💫 On Resistance

💗 On Self Trust

🧘🏻‍♀️ On Compassionate Comparison

🔦 On Fear as Your Guide

🌀 On Repetition

🦚 On Creating Confidence

🎆 On Universal Lag Time

🕸 On The Addictive Mind

🛑 On Stopping the Sabotage

🌬 On Connecting to Calm

〰️ On Embracing Transitions

⏰ On Time Bending

🌬On Releasing Tension

☯️ On Duality

💛 On Trusting Yourself

⚫️ On The Unknown

🟢 On Permission Granted

🧲 On Simulate it

🌳On Committed & Flexible

🌀On The Habit Hole

⏲ On The 5 a Day Method™

🐕🐩 On The Buddy System

🎬 On It's "Show Up' Time

👕 On Taking Inventory

🤔 On Thoughts

💫 On Perspective Shifting

🌊 On Pivot Practice

💫 On Creation Space

👁‍🗨On Vision in. Vision out.

💥Create It

🚪 On The Art of Evolving

🌱 On Rebirth

🌀 On Rhythms and Cycles

🚀 On Plant The Seed

☀️ On Cultivate

🌻 On Stretch to Grow

🌸 On Blossoming

✨ On Alignment

⭕️ On Integrate

🤚🏼 On Boundaries

🤖 On Freedom

🐚 On Potential

💥 On Awaken Your Senses

🙌🏼 Awaken Your Sense of Touch

👁 Awaken Your Sense of Sight

👄 Awaken Your Sense of Taste

👃🏻 Awaken Your Sense of Smell

👂🏽 Awaken Your Sense of Listening

✨ Awaken Your Sense of Intuition

🤔 On Self Inquiry

🎯On Perfectionism

🤔 On Confusion

👙 On Body Image

⏰ On Procrastination

🙌🏼 On Forgiveness

☁️ On Lack Mentality

🌀 On Analysis Paralysis

🛥 On Jealousy vs Envy

💩 On Complaining

🐛 On Identity Shifting

⬛️ On Control

🙌🏼 Guilt vs Shame

🤪 On Scattered Living

🚩 On Rejection

💎 On High Frequency Living

🙏🏼 On Gratitude

🌬 On Release

🧘🏻‍♀️ On Imagine

🗣 On Share

🌀On Evolve

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Lisa Meta Griff