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Mind Mastery 009 Audio: Water Love


For the last year, I have been feeling a loud call to spend more time near (and in) water. I feel like there is a deep cleansing and healing I am craving that only water, sun, and sand can wash away.

I decided to experience some West Coast beach living for a few weeks in August, I am here now in Malibu loving it. 🏖  

This trip is different because I usually stay with people the whole time when I go somewhere, but this time I have purposely decided to stay in places alone so I can really get a sense of what life would be like. I can feel myself pressing up against the edges of fear and all the what ifs that circle!

Growth happens when you see the fear and do it anyway! So here I go! 

What the main thing I want to share is the idea that the things you want can happen but you have to make the first move. When you do, the universe will come to meet you with an equal step. This is the law of cause of effect inside the game of life.

At some point you have to go from moving the thinking of the desire into acting on the desire. If you continue to want, you just create more wanting. 

Besides starting to talk about the trip, my first step was to post on facebook asking for support for this trip, places to stay, things to do, just overall help. I was reluctant because I have shyness around asking for help, gotta maintain that Lisa-has-it-all-figured-out-mask right!?!  NOT ANYMORE! I often remind myself how good it feels to help others and that others might also actually like helping me too. The amount of replies and love was so overwhelming that it just made me see how right this decision is. 

So, let me ask you…
What is something you want?
What is one thing you can do to take action on that thing?
hint: make it something super small and doable in this moment so you set yourself up for success.
NOW, GO DO IT! I believe in you…

This is what I manifested:
5 days in a luxury home in Malibu right on the water, I mean like a few feet away! #wow
(+ potential celebrity sightings & the best fish taco joint to try) 

3 days in Venice in an airBnB for $65/night at a conscious communal space for female travels as a safe haven. 
(+ lists of yummy places to eat, yoga studios to try and lovely people to meet)

AND, drum roll…
7 days in Santa Monica for free looking after 2 cats from a woman I don’t know but replied to my facebook post. #winwin 

Seriously, I feel blessed and supported in my desire.

I find that when things are aligned, it just happens and flows. Now learning to go with the flow is a whole other newsletter… 🙂 
Everything is flowing and I feel the expansion and excitement for the month ahead. Doesn’t mean I don’t have bad days, it is just that I fully embrace the ebb and flow of life. The contraction will always lead to an expansion. 

And to honor this beautiful feeling of flow and my ocean backyard, I have created this poem and audio as a dedication to water.

I have so much respect for water and find it to be one of the most beautiful life forces to learn from.

After all, we are mostly water.
Water is a powerful teacher.
Water knows how to flow.
Water is a shapeshifter. 
Water is amazing. 
Water is life.


Wishing you all a hydrated summer.

Lisa Meta 💧




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